Rob Rowe

Vice President and Senior Counsel at American Bankers Association

I’ve worked with Teri for many years as an adviser to the Bankers’ Hotline newsletter. Teri does a phenomenal job organizing the content and presenting it a format that makes it extremely valuable to readers. And not only does she organize the content, she creates much of it. Presenting regulator-speak in easy to follow English isn’t easy but Teri manages it. She also works very well with contributors to get them to submit articles on time – never an easy task but she does it with style and grace. I also had the chance to work with Teri on one of the conferences she manages and she did a great job keeping the trains running on time which is an attribute to her organizational skills. She’s easy to recommend!

Tim Thomas

Fire Chief, Fairfield Township Fire Department

“Teri was kind enough to create and manage a Facebook page for the Fairfield Township Fire Corps program. As a new organization we needed to develop a public social media presence for our volunteer organization. From concept to working page Teri was able to put our organization out for all to see. She also maintained the page keeping our important safety messages available to our citizens. Great job helping us market our organization goals and mission.”

Lucy Griffin

President, Compliance Resources

I have worked with Teri for almost 20 years and I can truthfully say she is a gem — a polished gem! She is an unflappable project manager and skilled with all the most important software. I recommend her highly.”

Andy Zavoina, AMZ Images

“Teri did an outstanding job with the projects I tasked her with on getting my website up and running, establishing social media accounts for my new business venture, and other administrative support that was much needed to get my business off the ground. Her work was impeccable, she always completed things timely, she was easy to communicate with, and she was a delight to work with! She would be an excellent addition to any organization or business in search of a dedicated, hard-working, and reliable individual, and I suspect she won’t be looking for more clients too long so snatch this one up now if you can! I’m only sorry that I’m not in a position yet to offer her a permanent contract.”
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